Why Social Fitness?

We have created tribe to fill the need for a club that is not too big, where you aren't just a number, and not too small, where you miss out on the facilities of a bigger gym. And we believe tribe offers you the best of both worlds.

As a tribe member you'll get access to over 50 group exercise classes each week which you book online, access to personal trainers, crèche; with online booking too, and our fantastic facilities, fitted with the latest and greatest gym equipment, plus our innovative smart member cards that allow you to purchase drinks and other goodies in the club without ever having to carry cash.

Take a look around the content on this website for more information or simply come in and have a chat. We would love to have you as part of our tribe.

Co-founder – Scott Capelin

Scott has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 20 years.

His sporting background includes playing soccer, tennis, cricket, rugby league, and baseball, as well as coaching in these sports. After school Scott went to university and completed a business degree, and worked in Sydney’s CBD for a few years before pursuing a career in personal training. That was 13 years ago, and in that time Scott has completed over 20000 personal training sessions, been a group exercise instructor and personal training studio manager, and moved on to own 5 small gyms throughout Sydney.

Tribe Social Fitness is the culmination of everything Scott believes in: fun, teamwork, a place where people are valued, a positive culture, and a sense of togetherness. Over his career Scott has seen the value of training in a group and the power of accountability, which is why he is so passionate about group exercise and personal training.

“The gym should be a positive part of everyone’s life” says Scott, “not just something you have to do to stay in shape. I want people to look forward to coming to the gym, and feel good about themselves as a result!”

The Team

We are proud of our team of friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced trainers. On average, each of our Trainers has been in the Fitness Industry for 7 years. They are results orientated and they are with us at Tribe on a Full Time Basis.


When you step inside Tribe the first thing you notice is our fresh and funky interior which has been carefully designed to create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for you. We’ve handpicked all the latest and greatest fitness equipment, from weights machines and free weights, to cardio machines.

Our fantastic group exercise room has been decked out with tailor made AV system to enhance your workouts and our Spin room has been designed to make you push your limits. Complimenting these we have a Tailor made online member’s system that enables you to book your classes online and we have a crèche, with online booking too.

We have a funky self-service hydration bar (café area) for you to have a chat after your workout, with a selection of beverages from water and coffee through to our amazing protein smoothies that can be purchased with your smart member’s card.

Plus we have a custom exercise program creator for you to use to conveniently track your progress. What more could you possibly want in your club? Come in and discover tribe for yourself.