With over 80 Classes each week we have a wide variety of group activities to cater for all experience and fitness levels. We have a schedule of classes which we change up regularly that include Body Blitz, Boxing, TRX, Total Body Conditioning, Run Club, Sandhills, Spin and T-Force to name a few.

With tribe there is no need to stress out or race to get a spot in a class ever again, you simply book your spot online. You can even invite your friends and see which of your friends are already attending. And our online booking system has inbuilt accountability to help you achieve you fitness goals quicker.

Classes are included in your membership, which one will be your favourite?

Class Timetable

Classes are conveniently scheduled at different times throughout the day, plus for the early birds we have classes starting at 5:10am, take a look at our timetable to see what we have currently got on and when.

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Our spin classes are different. The instructors put massive amounts of time into their music selection and they will explain everything including pedal speed, resistance level and technique. A great workout, using state of the art bikes with a control panel to guide your workout. The class is done before you know it.


A 50 minute full body weight training session. A great way to get your weight training done in order to become lean, toned, and strong.


We use TRX Suspension Training straps which are excellent for body weight strength, specifically core strength. On the edges of the class, like all of our circuit classes, you can expect to ramp up the intensity with our 4 cardio stations – Skill Mill, Rower, Ski Erg and Assault Bike.


Sixes is a dynamic metabolic resistance training session workout (where you keep your heart rate high by doing various forms of weight training). It is set up in Six, 6-minute blocks. It is a sharp, interval based workout where you will work through a huge variety of different exercises involving TRX, kettlebells, the BOSU ball, core work, body weight exercises, the treadmill, ski erg, assault bike and the rower. Sixes is a fast paced session and lots of fun!

Power Circuit

An intensely stimulating combination of cardio activities and functional strength training exercises. You will work in teams of 4, circuit style. It's a total body workout designed for maximum calorie burn! On the outside edges, we really up the intensity with cardio intervals of skill mill, rower, ski erg and the assault bike.

Group PT

6 Members, 1 Trainer. GPT is a more personalised service with a very high focus on technique. Guaranteed to be an amazing workout. We encourage you to book 'recurring' every week so you can build relationships with your other 5 Tribers and achieve the results you are after!


Reformer Pilates will transform the way your body looks, feels and performs. Developing a solid and strong core is the essence of the Pilates technique. Using reformer machines helps maintain your form and maximises the effectiveness of each movement. A strong core enables you to train your legs, arms, back, core and your booty more effectively!


45 minute pure indoor cardio session. Boxing and the 4 corners of cardio. You punch your own boxing bag so there is no more getting mis-matched with a boxing partner that is not suitable for you. No burpees, push ups, jump squats. Just boxing and our 4 cardio corners. A great alternative to Spin!. Bring your own boxing gloves.